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 About Jesi

Jesi Jensen started modeling before discovering her passion for acting. She went on to sign with a few agencies and quickly began growing her resume with commercials, television shows, music videos, military and industrial videos, modeling and films. You can see her in multiple commercials both state and nationwide. Jesi has been in television shows such as Legends and Lies and The American West. Some of the companies she has modeled for are Dollar General, Agio Furniture, and Top it Off Apparel and Accessories.

As the antagonist in her first feature film, Employee of The Year, Jesi showed her catty, manipulative skills on screen leaving fans in a love/hate relationship with her character Sabrina James. Recently Jesi played Lina Petrov, a seductive Russian MI6 agent who loves to kill, in the film Dark Iris. This sci-fi thriller, created by I71 Movies and Ghost Entertainment, will be premiering May 21st in Columbus, OH. Follow them on Facebook for more details. Currently, Jesi is filming Into a Dark Mind written and directed by Harley Wallen. Her character, Jess, gets mixed up in some serious trouble that proved much bigger than she and her friends anticipated.

Jesi has had the honor of studying with acting coaches Marlon Hargrave, John Pallotta, and Hugh Gall. During production of the film Girl on Girl, an action packed take on two female assassins, Jesi trained with fight choreographer Tony Wade. To further her talents she took classes in ballroom dancing, Hapkido, and kickboxing. She has been trained in weapons handling as well. Jesi is incredibly multifaceted and is constantly looking for ways to grow.

While establishing her acting career, Jesi proudly served in the Virginia Army National Guard as a heavy equipment operator, and earned her Bachelor’s degree. Jesi is a wife and loving mother of two beautiful children. Her and her family now reside in Michigan where she continues to study the craft and take part in many more projects.